Celebrate International Day of Peace


5155 Gullen Mall

Important Venue Notes

Community Room, 3rd Floor, 5155 Gullen Mall.



The Center for Peace and Conflict Studies of Wayne State University and Detroit WILPF are hosting Kozue Akibayashi, President of WILPF International. She will give a talk, "A Gendered Perspective on Peace and Security: The Experiences of Women in Okinawa." Okinawa is the southernmost archipelago of Japan and “home” of nearly 75% of the US military bases located in Japan. The experiences of the people of Okinawa who have been imposed to live a fence away from US military for over seven decades show a deep contradiction of the militarized security policies: Their livelihood and security is damaged by the presence of the US military. Among the negative impacts is sexual violence by US soldiers that has continued since 1945. The talk introduces the efforts of Okinawan women who have addressed the problem of sexual violence and analyzed the security policies from a gender perspective.