Water is Life!


28660 5 Mile Rd


Citizens for Peace present a discussion - Why Safe, Affordable Water is a Human Right, with People's Water Board members Lila Cabbil & Kim Redigan

Thousands of families in Detroit are living without water as a result of water shutoffs, while people in Flint continue to suffer the effects of having been exposed to toxic water. This presentation will focus on the human, health, and social cost of unsafe and unaffordable water and raise questions about the political and economic policies behind the crises in Detroit, Flint, Highland Park and beyond.

Some of the questions they will explore include: Is water a commons or a commodity? What is the difference between the existing water assistance plans and the Water Affordability Plan that was passed by the Detroit City Council but never implemented? Why is bottled water not the solution?

Lila Cabbil is a founding member of the People's Water Board and represents the Raymond and Rosa Parks Institute, and Kim Redigan represents the Michigan Coalition for Human Rights.

Questions? Contact Information for Colleen Mills, President of Citizens for Peace: cmills0079@yahoo.com or 734-425-0079

Website: http://www.citizens4peace.com/