Training and Group Canvass


18730 Northville Rd

Important Venue Notes

Deadwood Bar & Grill 18730 Northville Rd Northville, MI 48168


Voters Not Politicians is a grassroots, volunteer-driven campaign working to end partisan gerrymandering, where politicians choose their voters behind closed doors to give themselves unfair advantages.

Our solution will amend Michigan’s Constitution to create an Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission that will use a fair, impartial, and transparent process for drawing our election maps. We are recruiting a team of 10,000+ volunteers who will help us spread the word about the Proposal 2 in their communities, and we need your help!

We’ll be meeting at Deadwood Bar & Grill in Northville and heading out from there to canvass the neighborhood!

Brand new to door-knocking? No problem! This Group Canvass is the perfect opportunity to get trained up and try it out with some friends.

It’s time we draw the line! Whether you were part of our historic signature collection effort last fall, or you’ve just learned about our proposal, you can help set things right in Michigan by working to ensure that voters choose their politicians, not the other way around!