Redistricting Reform Town Hall - Belleville


Important Venue Notes

Tutoring Room



Join us at a Town Hall in Belleville to learn more about partisan gerrymandering and how you can get involved to help amend Michigan’s Constitution to create a fair, impartial, and transparent process for drawing our election maps! We'll be in the Tutoring Room.

You’ll learn about:

The current process and how it impacts your vote on Election Day Why it’s important we fix this problem in Michigan How an Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission can put voters back in charge! It’s time we draw the line! You will have an opportunity to vote for a solution this November to end this problem by creating an Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission, so that voters choose their politicians, not the other way around. Stop by to learn the facts and how you can get involved. Admission is free, and all Michiganders are welcome (including young ones)! However, SPACE IS LIMITED, so please RSVP at This program is neither sponsored, co-sponsored nor endorsed by Belleville Area District Library.