Poor People's Campaign - Women/"Me Too"/LGBTQ+/Disabled, Youth/Child Poverty/Right to Education


Capitol Avenue at Michigan Avenue



The "re-newed" Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival is gearing up for "40 days of sustained. non-violent Moral Fusion Direct Action" starting with a Mass Demonstration and Direct Action at the Michigan State Capitol on Monday May14, 2018 and at over 40 other state Capitols and our Nation's Capitol in Washington, DC. Based on the efforts and Principles established by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. shortly before his horrible and untimely assassination 50 years ago, the Poor People's Campaign (PPC) seeks to bring together all people of Faith and Goodwill in this country for a Mass Moral Revival to reverse the course of this nation from Institutional Racism and feeding the Greed of the privileged, to serving the needs of everyone. The Michigan Conference United Church of Christ has voted through a Resolution to support the PPC. We are asked to join with the Poor and Dispossessed, Clergy and Laypersons, to participate in the 6 weeks of Demonstrations and Direct Actions to call for an end to Systemic Racism, Poverty, Militarism and Gun Violence, and the Degradation of the Environment and Related Injustices and to work on building a Just, Sustainable and Inclusive Participatory Society. Although some who have specifically prepared and trained for it may choose to participate in non-violent civil disobedience (and possibly risk arrest) it is FINE to come to these Mass Demonstrations and be Witnesses (just be present and "stand up"). ALL are invited come each Monday and to participate in whatever part of the schedule you are able to do or have time for. Each day will include:

  • Gathering/Registration (Central United Methodist Church, across from northeast corner of Capitol) - 10am
  • Pre-action Training (required if participating in non-violent civil disobedience) - 11am
  • Lunch/Relationship Building - Noon
  • Preparation for Direct Action - 1pm
  • Direct Action - 2 - 4pm

Specific topics (for which you may wish to bring signs or banners) for each Monday are as follows:

May 14th - Women/"Me Too"/LGBTQ+/Disabled, Youth/Child Poverty/Right to Education May 21st - Connecting Systemic Racism/Economic Justice with Voting Rights and Just Immigration May 28th - Veterans/War Economy/Militarism/Gun Violence June 4th - Right to Health/Justice in Health Care, Ecological Devastation/Climate Change - Water/"Fracking June 11th - "Everybody's Got the Right to Live" - Jobs/Living Wages/Guaranteed Income? Housing/Education/Social Services June 18th - "A New and Unsettling Force" - Challenging the Nation's Moral Narrative - Fusion Movement Rising

Please Register for all at: www.poorpeoplescampaign.org