Detroit Jacobin Reading Group: West Virginia Teachers' Strike


5201 Woodward Ave

Important Venue Notes

Event is in the Old Fine Arts Room on the third floor of the library.



Reading list is posted at the end of the event description.

The West Virginia teachers' strike has now spread to numerous other states, including Oklahoma, Kentucky, and Arizona. For the April meeting of the Detroit Jacobin Reading Group, we will discuss this remarkable surge in public-sector labor militancy and what it means for the broader left and for the fight against austerity.

We will meet in the Old Fine Arts Room on the third floor of the Detroit Public Library, Main Branch.

The following resources are available for some background on the West Virginia teachers' strike. It's also possible that some people might have a lot of interest in the subject but not a lot of time to do the readings, in which case we would still love to have you at the conversation on Tuesday. People without a lot to say who still want to learn about the issue and how to get involved are also welcome.

Blanc, Eric. "The Lessons of West Virginia."

Blanc, Eric. "West Virginia's Militant Minority."

Doyle Griffiths, Kate. "When Women Organize, We Win: Lessons From the West Virginia Teachers' Strike"

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