Protest Richard Spencer at the University of Michigan



Real Date TBA: We've currently listed the date of the event as August 31 in order to keep this event active as we continue to demand more information and transparency from the UM administration

Richard Spencer has invited himself to speak at the University of Michigan. We have preemptively created this protest event to get people thinking about what they will be doing when a prominent white supremacist and his supporters arrive on campus and in our community.

To be clear, Richard Spencer's request to speak at UM has still not been confirmed. The administration has until December 8 to confirm or deny Spencer’s request for space before the National Policy Institute sues the University ( We believe the administration has already decided to grant him space on campus, and will give very short notice of what day he will be speaking.

We support a diversity of tactics being used against Spencer. We are not interested in telling people what to do on this day, nor do we see it as our role to do so. #StopSpencer is not planning any official protest or event. We hope to use this platform to spread information and resources to those planning to protest Richard Spencer’s visit. It is our intention that these resources prepare people to keep themselves and their communities safe, no matter how they decide to protest Spencer.

Safety is our primary concern. Any form of protest that does not center the needs and well-being of marginalized people is not one that will be effective in protesting Spencer, who will be targeting those same folx. We call on you to critically reflect on your actions, and what groups you choose to work with, in order to understand the potential impacts (harmful or not) on others.

The fight against white supremacy, racism, police violence, Islamophobia and antisemitism is ongoing work. Richard Spencer’s visit is merely a symptom of the white supremacy that is institutionalized in this University, our local government, and local and state police forces (ie the Ann Arbor Police Department). We condemn the history of collaboration between white supremacists and police, which specifically occurred in the 80s and 90s in Ann Arbor. We ask that you acknowledge the legacy of local resistance, and lend your resources to groups already involved in the fight against white supremacy.

We encourage you to leverage your privilege, power, or capacity to take collective action against Spencer in any way you are able. We believe it is imperative to dismantle white supremacy in all its forms.

In solidarity, Stop Spencer at the University of Michigan