Let's Talk Transit


3500 Marais
Royal Oak

Important Venue Notes

north of 13 Mile, East of Crooks Road


Access to a job, to food, to education, to worship and to play should be considered human rights. However, these rights can be denied without access to affordable transportation.

Hear Kristen Milefchik, a young social worker who was voted Miss Wheelchair 2015. She lives in Clarkston, a community that does NOT have access to public transportation. And she's doing something about it!

Kristen is speaking to community groups as part of a team of volunteers with Transportation Riders United (TRU) to listen to what the public has to say about the need for mass transit and discuss how we can move elected officials to create more justice through access to transportation for all SEM residents. Instead of collecting signatures to put a mass transit proposal on the ballot in 2018, per Kristen, TRU hopes to convince the big four County Executives to give the people a chance to VOTE for mass transit. Come, ask questions and get ready to advocate for more justice for all by hearing Kristen on January 20th.

This presentation is being hosted by Gray Panthers of Metro Detroit at its monthly meeting.