Fundraiser/Birthday celebration


33 E. Adams

Important Venue Notes

Please RSVP if attending. Parking is FREE for attendees up until 8pm. After that, a $10.00 charge. See the evite page message for more information.



In the spirit of giving, you are invited to attend a birthday party and fundraising event for Swords into Plowshares Peace Center and Gallery.  Donations are appreciated to keep the programs at SIP available for peace and social justice events.  

We will also be  celebrating the  Special Edition Birthday Party for The Women of The Huntington Woods Peace Group.  Enjoy food, drink,(byob) musical entertainment, dancing and general merry making  while enjoying the Art4Detroit5 exhibit. If you would like to bring a dessert for  the food table that would be awesome.  

A donation box is also available for mens and womens underwear and socks (all sizes) to be distributed by the NOAH PROJECT.( GIFTS  for the Birthday girls, please.   Donations (cash or checks) to the Peace gallery will make all the birthday girls happy!   

Free parking is available behind the gallery and Central United Methodist church up until 8pm.   Then parking spaces will be opened up for the general public so it will be space available (let the attendant know that you are attending the event) 

Let's all celebrate working for peace together!