Bridging The Divide - A Communication Skills Training Workshop


22331 Woodward Ave



Registration is required for this event. For the purpose of getting the most out of this training we are limiting the participants for a more intimate setting. See contact info down below.

Today, our culture and communities are more polarized and divided than at any time since the late 1960’s. How can we find a way to communicate across differences? Condemnation, while tempting, is usually counterproductive. When a person or group holds deeply rooted beliefs or conditioning, speaking forcefully in opposition usually encourages those being opposed to dig in deeper and more stridently maintain their viewpoints. Why is that? These conflicts unresolved are the source of dissonance and disruption in our communities and can affect, disrupt and destroy our close personal relationship, such as family, friends, and co-workers.

Bridging The Divide A Communication Skills Training Workshop

Purpose: This workshop will help participants communicate more effectively with people of opposing viewpoints and will help individuals and activists gain the skills and knowledge to be more effective in sparking productive conversations across the divides of difference. ~ With these skills, individuals and activists can move beyond the cycle of difference and disagreements into more meaningful, healthy, caring and creative conversations.

In this workshop, you will learn:

~ What are the social and psychological causes of divisiveness?

~ Specific skills that transcend differences and build relationships;

~ Techniques to illuminate the hearts and minds of people, instead of their stances and opinions;

~ How to recognize and understand the root causes of bias, judgement and bigotry;

~ How to break down barriers of ideology. ~ How to to empathize with, and understand the motivations of those who experience the world differently than you do; ~ How to use the relationships and connections you already have to build community and to dismantle the partisanship and divisiveness.

Sarah Eisenberg, LMSW, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, educated at University of Michigan, with over 10 years experience guiding positive goals strategies, effective communication and healthy relationships. She currently is in private practice, in association with Solutions-Based Counseling, serving outpatient mental health for individuals, couples, and families. She is a Director and Strategist with Women’s March Michigan and was the lead organizer for the Women’s March on Lansing statewide event. She brings together two personal passions - psychology and progressive activism. Sarah, in collaboration with Aimee Cisler, and in partnership with Women’s March Michigan created the communication skills training workshop, Bridging The Divide.

If you would like more information or to register contact Cass Charrette at, 248 980 1191 or visit our facebook event page at