13th Annual Great Lakes Bioneers Detroit Conference



Important Venue Notes

Any questions: river1143@comcast.net or (313) 717-6151



1967 Revolution to Evolution 2017 We the People Love this Place - Detroit, SE Michigan, Earth Join us for a great conference that offers a variety of themes relating to sustainability: environmental, economic, social.Participate in Young Bioneeers Day (youth 7th to 12th grade) on Friday. Enjoy one of six tours on Friday; 7 learnshops for youth and 20 for adults. Tase locally grown and prepared food. Listen to a women's panel Saturday AM and to 8 speakers from the National Bioneers conference like Saru Jayaraman, Amy Goodman, Jeremy Narby. Take time for art, poetry, conversation and networking. Register on line www.glbd.org Fees suitable to all who want to attend.