International Day of Peace


33 E. Adams


Join us for a day of reflection on Peace in our homes, our city, our state, our country, our World. The Megiddo Peace Table is situated in the Peace Center and may we gather around it to listen and share all our hopes for Peace in the World. Join us! Light refreshments. Tel: 313 963-7575

Therefore....Let's have a dialogue about the future of the local peace movement. How effective are we? Of the tactics we use, what works and what doesn't? How can we encourage more people to join our organizations or at least participate in events? Which messages get people interested in peace? How can our organizations work together to project our aims and goals to the public? These are only a few questions to consider. Bring your own questions and ideas to the peace table. Let's have an honest conversation about moving the peace agenda forward.

We hope you can participate and that you will extend the invitation to others whom you would like to see and hear in such a discussion.