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CALL TO ACTION ThURSDAY may 1, 2014 INTERNATIONAL WORKERS DAY NO BUSINESS AS USUAL!! SOLIDARITY AGAINST EmErgEncy managEmEnt IN MIchIGAN PROTEST TO SAVE PENSIONS, CITY SERVICES, BUSES, SCHOOLS, WATER, OUR CITIES’ ASSETS & 8:00 a.m. Ecumenical Unity Breakfast UAW Local 600 10550 Dix Avenue, Dearborn, MI ThePeopleSpeakOut!!! TestimonyfromCitizens Affected by Emergency Management Protest Caravan for Justice and Democracy From UAW Local 600 to Hart Plaza – Downtown Detroit Rally:NoBusinessAsUsualinMichigan!!! March and Rally Through Detroit to Central United Methodist Church, 23 East Adams Avenue at Woodward, Downtown Detroit Why The Election of 2014 is So Important!!! The People Speak Out Continues Food, Fellowship and The People’s Plan for Detroit

9:00 a.m. DEMOCRACY


12:00p.m. 1:30 p.m.

3:00 p.m. 4:30 p.m.


NO BUSINESS AS USUAL Actions Continue at People Power Centers in Detroit neighborhoods around the City

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Detroit is under siege. Governor Snyder and the right wing legislature have joined Wall Street Bankers to strip us of our homes, our pensions and benefits, and our democratic rights. They have used an Unconstitutional Emergency Manager in a number of cities, where people of color are the majority, to remove elected leadership so they could steal city assets and privatize basic services. The unemployment rate in Detroit is already 49% and for those under 30, 59%. Now Snyder is working to hand cities over to the same banks that foreclosed on thousands of families across Michigan and corporations. Snyder ignores the social cost of his plan, which is morally bankrupt. Today, 55% of all African Americans in Michigan can no longer vote for effective local government and 75% of all African American elected officials have been removed from power. We will stand on May 1, 2014 and after with the people in cities across Michigan who are being denied basic human rights and stripped of their common wealth. • We demand that Governor Snyder, the Michigan legislature and, Kevyn Orr stop stripping Michigan cities’ money and resources • We demand our democracy taken by Snyder be restored immediately • We demand that Wall Street pay for the crisis; not one dime from our pensions and working government employees • We demand the State restore full revenue sharing to all cities in Michigan • We demand Community Benefit Agreements for all development • Support the People’s Plan for a Sustainable Detroit - • We join with people around the world on International Workers Day, commemorating the Haymarket Square Protest in 1886 in Chicago for the eight hour day. • We celebrate with undocumented workers and immigrants, our heroic sisters and brothers who revived May Day in this country WHy WE PrOtESt • NO MORAL COMPASS • NO DEMOCRACY A FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT • TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION • WALL STREET • BANKERS GET PAID; PENSIONERS AND • MICHIGAN EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT • SNYDER’S BANKRUPTCY PLAN • PRIVATIZATION OF JOBS • NO STATE REVENUE SHARING • SCHOOL TAKEOVER =EqualS= • • • WORKERS HURT NO JOBS FOR DETROITERS AND OTHER St tHurSday may 1 GENTRIFICATION POOR EDUCATION OF OUR CHILDREN nO BuSInESS aS uSual!! • • MICHIGAN CITIZENS GIVE AWAY OF CITY’S ASSETS NO MORE TAXES FOR PRIVATE PROFIT REMOVAL OF CITIZEN FOR Call Issued By: Building Movement Detroit; Central United Methodist Church, Rev. Edwin Rowe; Change Agent Consortium; Cities of Peace; Citizens For Highland Park Schools; Cooperative Economics; Creative Hood Research; Critical Moment; Detroit Communicator; Detroit Eviction Defense; Detroit Green Party; Detroit People’s Platform; DPS Education Task Force; First Unitarian Universalist Church of Detroit, Lee Gaddies; Free Detroit/No Consent; Feedom Freedom Growers; International Socialist Organization; James and Grace Lee Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership; Keep Detroit Growing; Library Committee; Michigan Citizen; Michigan Forward; Michigan Welfare Rights Organization; Moratorium Now!; National Action Network; National Lawyers Guild; Project Save Detroit; Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self Development; Sacred Heart Church, Father Norman P. Thomas; Simmons’ Hush House; Slowdown/Raiz Up; Social Justice Chair; St. Peter’s Episcopal Church Detroit, Pastor Bill Wylie-Kellerman; Sugar Law Center; Team for Justice; Uprooting Racism Planting Justice; We The People of Detroit