Detroit Jacobin Reading Group: Housing and Land in Detroit


5201 Woodward Ave

Important Venue Notes

Fine Arts Room (third floor)



Housing is a major topic of discussion in Detroit today. Whether you're looking for somewhere to live, or worse, find yourself needing to leave where you live, it's clear that it's getting harder and harder for working people to keep a roof over your head in the city. This is pretty confusing, because all we've been told for years is that Detroit has so many vacant houses, and there's all this land just sitting around for anyone who wants it. How can it be so hard for everyday people in Detroit to find and keep housing that's clean, safe, and affordable?

This month, Detroit's Jacobin Reading Group will be meeting on Tuesday May 25th from 6pm to 8pm in the Fine Arts room on the third floor of the Detroit Public Library on Woodward. We will be discussing housing and land issues, and sharing information about how people can get involved with the fight for safe and affordable housing for all Detroiters.

For people looking to get a bit of background on how the city got here and the larger picture of what's going on, we put together the following readings. It's also possible that some people might have a lot to say on the subject but not a lot of time to do the readings, in which case we would still love to have you at the conversation on Tuesday. People without a lot to say who still want to learn about the issue and how to get involved are also welcome.

Readings are as follows:

Feeley, Dianne. "Detroit's Tax Foreclosure Crisis."

Grunow, Francis M. "A Brief History of Housing in Detroit."

Konczal, Mike. "The Violence of Eviction."

Russel, Dominic. "Say the G-Word: Gentrification in metro Detroit is real." secondwavemedia dot com/metromode/features/g-word-092415.aspx