Drinking Water Forum


1001 Woodward Ave, Suite 1400

Important Venue Notes

Directions/Parking Instructions SEMCOG's office is located at 1001 Woodward Avenue, Suite 1400, Detroit, MI 48226. Park in the attached garage at 1 State Street, Detroit, MI 48226. If you have difficulty entering the attached parking garage, tell the attendant you are attending a SEMCOG meeting. In the event that you are unable to park in the garage, please visit SEMCOG’s location webpage for a map of alternative parking locations.



Please register for the forum or confirm your attendance via email to Kelly Karll karll@semcog.org.

The Water Resources Plan for Southeast Michigan has been under development since April 2016 with a targeted completion of March 2018. The Task Force is now focusing on the region’s infrastructure, with drinking water as a top priority.

The Drinking Water Forum will include an opportunity to bring forward regional priorities to support and work towards a sustainable infrastructure system. Additionally, SEMCOG has been selected as a pilot area by the Governor’s office to develop a pilot Regional Asset Management program. Drinking water systems are a major component of this pilot project.

Forum topics will include: • Role of Drinking Water in the Pilot Asset Management Program • Strategic Investments / Disinvestments • Funding and Collaboration • Workforce Development • Public Education • Legislative and Regulatory Challenges

The demographic and economic changes that have taken place in Southeast Michigan over the last decade, combined with the aging of the infrastructure system and the decline in available revenue to maintain it, have led to significant infrastructure challenges in our region.

This drinking water forum will direct development of SEMCOG’s policies guiding our legislative efforts and work with our members.

A meeting agenda will be available by the end of May.