Detroit Area Peace with Justice Network (DAPJN) - meeting


33 E. Adams

Important Venue Notes

Park and enter from parking lot on north side of the building.



Designated representatives of local peace groups discuss peace issues. Also, to share announcements of upcoming events.

1-Federal Budget - Chuck Altman 30-45 min 2-Review of Syria Vigil 10 min 3-The Wars: Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen 15 min 4-MLK - Beyond Vietnam - planning for 2018 10 min (see attachment) 5-June 17 - Ban the Bomb - Laura Dewey 10 min 6-August 6 - Hiroshima Remembrance with Sister Megan Rice - Rich Peacock 10 min 7-DAPJN Leadership and Schedule - Rich 15 min 8-Announcements

Earlier Opportunity with Paige Shell-Spurling, Portland Central America Solidarity Committee Paige is the interpreter for Jorge Parra whose Visa has been denied. She will be introduced by Frank Hammer also at Swords into Plowshares - 5:30 pm. Jorge Parra, President Astorecol, Colombia - International Labor Activist Award (2013) Michigan Coalition for Human Rights and Global Prize for Transformative Social Justice Leadership, People's Choice Award (2015) Arcus Center for Social Justice, Kalamazoo -Sponsored by Michigan Coalition for Human Rights, Swords into Plowshares, DAPJN

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