Navigating (Political) Disagreements


1201 Livernois St.

Important Venue Notes

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Together we’ll sharpen our skills talking about issues and areas of disagreement by focusing on finding common ground, deep listening, and brave dialogue. We recognize that we are joining in a long and enduring struggle of which the current political and social climate is the most recent manifestation. Our goal is to 1) acknowledge how political, economic, and social turmoil is affecting us and our interactions with others; 2) recognize our role (positive and negative) in that turmoil; 3) be willing to talk about how we can contribute to positive social change in response to current events; and 4) work with those who might not agree with us to act on those ideas. Join us for an afternoon of conversation, community building, and personal growth.

"You cannot change any society unless you take responsibility for it, unless you see yourself as belonging to it and responsible for changing it” -Grace Lee Boggs

For More Information Please Contact Us at (404-694-6647) or

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We invite you to also join us in Mount Clemens on April 22nd at from 2-4PM at GRACE EPISCOPAL CHURCH (115 S. Main Street, Mt. Clemens)