Social Movements on Water -- 2nd International Gathering






2nd International Gathering of Social Movements on Water, including the 2nd Legal and Legislative Summit on Water. June 8: Opening Day Reception, Panel and Keynote June 9: Legal & Legislative Summit on Water June 10: Grassroots Reports, Analyses & Documentation June 11: Closing Water Ceremony, Grassroots Strategies & Solutions

A multi-day gathering of social movement groups, allies and advocates analyzing problems and drafting grassroots solutions for clean, affordable, accessible water and sanitation, in addition to protection of the commons and universal human rights. Plus, a one-day summit of reports and strategies on legal and legislative initiatives promoting affordable water policies and human rights frameworks to support social movements on water and sanitation.

For more information contact these coordinators: Social Movements on Water: Maureen Taylor - Legal & Legislative Summit: Alice Jennings - SWAA Rumble: Mary Bricker-Jenkins -

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Sponsored by Michigan Welfare Rights Organization, Lyda Pro Bono Legal/Legislative Committee, People's Water Board Coalition, National Coalition for Legislation on Affordable Water

In conjunction with SWAA's Rumble for Human Rights and the New Poor People's Campaign