War is Not the Answer in Syria: Drop the Ban, Not the Bombs


9 Mile & Woodward

Important Venue Notes

Peace vigil is normally on the southwest corner of Woodward & Nine Mile Road in Ferndale. However, we expect many people so we'll be on multiple corners.



There is no military solution in Syria. Join the Detroit Area Peace with Justice Network for a peace vigil calling for a diplomatic solution. War is never the answer - it's the problem. Signs will be provided.

Dropping bombs is only adding to the violence and inflicting harm, if not death, on the civilians the President claims to be protecting. At the same time, he has proposed cuts to humanitarian aid and UN funding and ignored diplomacy while making it more difficult for refugees to enter the U.S. This is a recipe for failure for everyone except war profiteers.

This is a special edition of the Ferndale Peace Vigil which is held weekly (since December 2002).