Protest Trump's Budget


555 Horace Brown Drive
Madison Heights

Important Venue Notes

outside of 9th District Democratic Party meeting



Come protest Trump's proposed increases for the Pentagon and his proposed cuts for almost everything else.

See details and RSVP at link above

We'll protest Trump's proposed $54 billion increase in Pentagon spending and his proposed $54 billion in proposed cuts to almost everything else -- whether it's Meals on Wheels, Low Income Home Energy Assistance, Diplomacy, National Institutes for Health research grants, the EPA, Big Bird, etc. The cuts are being made to pay for Trump's pentagon increases. Why protest in front of the Dem's? Our Congresspersons, who are not comfortable with many domestic spending cuts, still don't raise the issue of pentagon spending gone wild.

AT 10:05 a.m. we'll go into the meeting and, if pentagon spending is not raised, we will!